Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development

A clean, visually striking appearance is a good start for a website. But there’s much more enfolded in a “good” design:

1. Placement and spacing of pictures and text to lead the eye and prioritize what the eye sees first.

2. Strong “call to action” prompts that aid in the conversion of viewers into prospects and/or clients, i.e., placement of phone numbers, a “Contact” button and even the social media icons.

3 Coding that allows easy expansion of the website and restricting without needing a complete redesign

4. A Content Management System (CMS) that allows you, the client, to add, modify, or delete content, be that pages, products, text, articles, photos, videos, RSS feeds, or blogs.

For an informational website, we normally recommend WordPress (it’s open source, the most popular, and we feel the easiest to use). We can program in Joomla, Droopla, or another CMS upon the clients request.

For an e-commerce website, we normally recommend Magento (again, open source software that is used by many major companies, e.g., Dell and Samsung). We feel it handles products the best, and easiest. Magneto also has well executed plug-ins to co-ordinate with your other systems, i.e., QuickBooks, SAP, Lightspeed, etc. For smaller product groups, we can install a WordPress plug-in, which is cheaper; and, for the simplest, we can add the PayPal page at no additional cost. Of course, we are open to using any e-commerce solution that the client desires.

Of course, every website we build is now “responsive”, i.e., the content will automatically rearrange itself depending on the size of the viewing screen, i.e., a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. This doesn’t happen by chance and requires extra steps to plan the fluid grid needed, the proportional image layout instead of using pixels, and complying with CSS 3 standards.

Website Design

Icon has created a number of organic SEO pre-planned packages. Generally, they are based on the geographic scope of the optimization, as the geographic area expands so does the level of competition so more work is required to achieve first page placement. We can work at the local, state, regional (multiple states), or national level. Our packages start as low as $149 per month.

There are many facets to optimization, all of which need to comply with current and evolving search engine standards (think Google’s Panda revisions). Effective optimization requires concentration on website coding, content on the website, content published outside the website, and links outside the website. Icon works on all of these aspects as part of its search optimization.

Website Development

Success for online advertising and presence is best determined by ROI (Return on Investment), so measuring that success is an important part of any SEO campaign or work.

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