Send Relevant Traffic to Your Website With SEO

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Send Relevant Traffic to Your Website With SEO

Search engines are the primary method that is used by a majority of people looking to find information about a product or service. Using the phone book or the Postal Services (direct mail), is viewed today as archaic methods of finding information. The internet is speedier, easier to manipulate, and provides more information. More Americans are geared toward online shopping more than ever and many people spend most of their time online researching, and shopping or even just browsing for new information.

Companies are also realizing the importance of their online presence as many businesses get a large number of referrals that comes from being online. Having your website optimized is the key to increasing your business and getting a large number of client. This is made even better with a PPC Campaign (Pay per Click). In order to increase traffic to your website, having a PPC campaign is a sure fire method. One of the most important positions for any business is for them to land in the top three positions of Google organic listings (92% of searchers never look beyond the first page, and fewer than 10% look at the lower listings on the first page).

So, it’s those top 3 listings that appear in Google’s organic listing that are responsible for almost 80% of clicks generated when persons are conducting online searches. Increasing traffic is dependent on your website appearing in those positions on the Google’s organic listings when online searches are conducted.

The increasing cost of having ads being run in Pay per Click campaigns should not be a deterrent as PPC is an important consideration in your internet marketing strategy. If you are opting out of the Pay per Click campaign, remember that clicks will account for 25% of all business you are passing up, while your competitors will be making use of that margin.

Generating leads to your website means that those that are directed via your PPC campaigns and SEO strategies can easily turn into viable business. Having traffic directed to your website is one aspect, but having them transformed into emails, calls and sales of your products is another. Our experiences have allowed us to not only generate the right traffic but to convert those leads into prospective customers.

The end result of any internet marketing campaign is an increase in the number of sales your business gets. The more traffic your website gets, the higher the likelihood of up getting qualified leads. These all, in turn, leads to an increase in the number of sales you receive.